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Genealogy - S T E R L I N G

The family name STERLING is certainly one of the rarer ones in Germany. In the telephone book, you can only find approx. 80 persons of this name; and these are spread all over the country. Perhaps they all have the same origins – but this hasn’t been clarified yet and remains to be researched.

In order to meet the legal requirements regarding data protection, no data of living family members is recorded here; in the genealogical table the only information listed is the names. Only data older than 100 years and exclusively of family members that have already died is published here.

The earliest proof of a family is dated 17 November 1625, where in the first baptismal register in the church of Kallham (Upper Austria) the baptism of Daniell Stöllinger was registered. His father’s name was David, his mother’s Apolonia. There were also elder children, but nothing about them had been recorded in the baptismal register, as it wasn’t started to make entries there before 1625. When after the 30 years’ war the counter-reformation was also carried through in Upper Austria, the family left its home and moved to Regensburg, which was a free city at that time. The following three generations lived in Regensburg. Georg Daniel, born in Regensburg 1698, learned to be a shoemaker from his father. He went off on his travels to Prussia or followed the appeal of the Prussian King who called craftsmen to come to Prussia. In 1723 he married in Dorf-Alvensleben, in the nature reserve “Flechtinger Höhenzug” in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. This town is called Bebertal today.